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What’s Trending: Interactive Experiences Enhanced By Augmented Reality


May 30th, 2013

Marketing campaigns have employed augmented reality technology into interactive campaigns to create unparalleled brand experiences. Augmented reality works by modifying the users’ sensory world with sounds or images, rather than replacing the real world with a simulated one as with virtual reality. The technology complements experiential marketing campaigns because of its ability to immerse users into an experience.

Augmented reality is currently one of the hottest technologies being integrated into interactive campaigns. It is changing marketers’ ability to manipulate users’ perceptions and experiences in incredible ways.

BMW executed a brilliant campaign that provided New Yorkers with a future glimpse of the city’s streets. This brilliant use of augmented reality made the future appear tangible as cars passing by a window display were transformed on a giant screen to be BMW i concept cars.

National Geographic allowed passers-by to interact with the National Geographic world by bringing wild and out-of-this-world experiences to life. People could walk alongside astronauts, play with dinosaurs, summon a storm, and pet a jaguar. National Geographic doesn’t have a reputation for being the most “hip” or technologically advanced brand; however, this experience challenges peoples to rethink previous notions about National Geographic and creates enthusiasm for the topics it covers.

Not all augmented reality campaigns have to be large, public stunts. The prevalence of smart phones makes it easier to bring the technology directly to the consumers’ hands. Starbucks relaunched its Cup Magic app that allowed coffee drinkers to place the holiday cups in phone’s vision and create a video to send to your loved one Valentine’s Day.

Want to try on a certain nail color prior to purchasing? Maybelline encouraged targeted magazine readers to download an app that allowed them to do exactly that. Users were able to “try” out different featured colors on their own nails.

You don’t have to have to create a giant, mind-blowing campaign to have the same effect; instead, focus  on developing a smart strategy that results in achieving your objectives. Believe us, we know how hard it may be to resist some of those technology temptations, but we promise you will achieve the maximum results with a targeted campaign. Plus, the wow factor of augmented reality possibilities will get people talking.

Verizon Home Fusion Mobile Tour to Appear at Moses Lake Spring Festival


May 20th, 2013

The Verizon Home Fusion Mobile Tour hits the road again and is headed to the Moses Lake Spring Festival for Memorial Day weekend. If you see the truck at the festival, be sure to stop by and challenge the Verizon team to a game on the Xbox! After the festival, the ad vehicle will be canvassing throughout Moses Lake areas, demonstrating the products Verizon supports direct to consumers while continually building brand awareness.

To find out how our mobile ad vehicle tours can help you build brand awareness, give Sam a call at 206.599.9855.

Sam, Uncensored: When a loss is a win (No really, a win)


May 9th, 2013

Brilliance takes control and you produce the most beautiful, creative idea. You pitch this mind-blowing idea to your client, confident that you knocked this one out of the park. The response? Thanks, but no thanks.

You don’t win the account every time, but you do win every time you learn something new.

A loss is a win when you learn about a teammate’s hidden talent.

During crunch time, your team rallies together and the “get it done” mentality forces teammates to step outside their traditional roles, revealing this hidden gem of a talent. Play this newly discovered skill to its strength and look for ways to include the talent regularly.

A loss is a win when an idea is that good, it becomes transcendental.

When you hear “no,” don’t scrap your ingenious idea completely. Make an idea so amazing that it can be applied to another proposal.

A loss is a win when a technology solution becomes a long-term tool.

Discovering a cool new technology that you can use in multiple campaigns is a huge achievement. You could have found something that didn’t quite fit for what you were doing right then, but keep this tool in your back pocket for future campaigns.

A loss is a win when you create a winning relationship.

The client chooses to take a different direction based of the right merits and that’s okay. Set yourself up for long-term success by becoming the right partner, a creative confidant if you will. Fight hard and prove that you can provide the solution they need.

You don’t always win the client, but if you lose smarter, you will win more often.