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Scent Marketing And Integrated Brand Identity


November 1st, 2013

Brands work incessantly in establishing emotional connections with consumers and in particular, leverage the power of the five senses. Whether it is a color, audio, or visual cue, we have all experienced brand association in every day life. Think about the McDonald golden arches. What is the first thing that immediately comes to mind? Or when someone mentions Red Robin, do you feel compelled to finish the jingle?

Marketers are now looking into the power of scent marketing in creating an integrated brand identity. It is the only sense that goes directly to the emotional and memory centers of our brains (Scent Marketing Digest).By successfully creating a connection between brand and scent, marketers can tap into these sensory powerhouses, creating deeper emotional relationships and building stronger brand loyalty.

For example, imagine walking into your hotel room and catching a waft of a pleasant, yet distinct, aroma. You have stayed at this hotel previously and have always had a positive experience. Even though this is your first time staying at this particular location, you feel a sense of familiarity and comfort. Your mind has associated the distinct scent with good memories and places you at ease. Why would you choose to stay at an unfamiliar hotel over this one?

By its nature, experiential marketing provides sensory brand experiences, making incorporation of scent marketing only natural. Experiential marketing allows for brands to produce unique experiences to reinforce association with a particular scent. A holistic brand activation can tie brand associations for all senses together to create an impactful brand statement and further develop lasting relationships between consumers and brands. Staying top-of-mind with consumers is a valuable position, and scent marketing offers an additional way to interact with consumers.