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Three Ways To Break Through the Holiday Media Clutter


September 20th, 2013


While September may seem too early to think about the winter holidays, those pumpkins will turn into sugarplums in a blink of the eye. Brands are starting to rev up their holiday advertising campaigns and consumers are prepared to put on the blinders as the hurricane of media messages is hurled at them. How can your brand overcome this media clutter?

Have consumers experience your product or service directly.

It is as simple as having consumer touch, hold, feel, play with your brand in a non-threatening environment. This could be a sample, product demonstration, or interactive event; it is dependent on what your brand’s goals are and what is the best fit to reach your campaign objectives.

Utilize non-traditional mediums to reach consumers.

LED billboards, building projections, and wild postings can target high-traffic areas that are not readily accessible by traditional advertising, allowing for marketing messaging to reach consumers and capture their attention in unique ways. These campaigns can also be interactive, creating an event space around the activation.

Do something different.

Everyone has a Candy Cane Lanes decked out with tinsel. This is the time to be noticed and stand out in the crowd. Consumers will notice if your brand takes a risk and does something different. Aim to appeal to the convenience of the consumer because no one wants to stand around in yet another holiday line.

Experiential marketing campaigns can be highly effective in capturing the attention of consumers during the hectic holiday season. Don’t limit yourself to traditional advertising to spread the holiday cheer.



Keebler’s Tiny Door Project Is A Magical Brand Experience


September 18th, 2013


Leo Burnett brought the Keebler Elves to life with its latest project. Tiny doors at the base of trees have appeared across the country with no branding except for a hashtag, #tinydoors. People are encouraged to upload their pictures of these installations to social media channels using the hashtag, spreading the elfin magic across the digital realm.

When designing a campaign, we here at Beyond Traditional look to make an experiential activation scalable to maximize consumer reach and participation. The Tiny Door Project’s simultaneous launch of a digital campaign is one way to  bring the experience of localized activations to a national level. While people can visit the microsite to see where these doors are located in the select cities, consumers have even taken the initiative to interact with the project by creating their own elfin door masterpieces and submit photos online using #tinydoors. The digital world allows for campaigns to extend its event footprint past activation sites and increase the longevity of a campaign.

The Tiny Door Project focuses heavily on connecting consumers to Keebler on a much more personable and emotional level. By creating this relationship, a brand is able to solidify a larger brand loyalist fan base. A campaign looking to achieve long lasting ROI results has to achieve this.


Friday the 13th Superstitions


September 13th, 2013


Paraskevidekatriaphobics and triskaidekaphobes everywhere are curled up in a ball, waiting for today to be over. The number thirteen has historically had a bad rep for being unlucky—buildings won’t have an official 13th floor, cities won’t have a 13th St. or Ave., past events that coincidently had the number thirteen associated with it. Friday the 13th causes many people to carefully move about their day, being mindful of any superstitions or good luck charms.

What sort of good juju habits do members of the BT team believe in?

Sam B.: “The number 3. That’s all.”

Kirsten: “I’m superstitious about walking underneath ladders, white lighters, black cats, and crows. Seriously, keep that all far way from me.”

Nicole: “I can never remember which shoulder you should throw salt over after spilling it, so I do both just in case. I also always pick up a penny for good luck, only if it’s heads though. Otherwise, have to turn it over for the next person.”

Melissa: “I have to light my creativity candle any time I need to sort out some sort of problem.”