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Happy Earth Day!


April 22nd, 2010

Happy Earth day! To do our part, our team will be letting it mellow, operating by candlelight whenever possible, and converting all typefaces to Helvetica extra light before printing emails and memos. What will you be doing to save the Earth today?

ADDY Rejects


April 20th, 2010

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The following is what happens when the creative team at GoMobile has a brain child, and stays at the office past midnight to nurture it. The ADDY Awards are the world’s largest advertising competition, sponsored by the American Advertising Federation (AAF). After having taken home the Gold for our Miller Chill campaign in 2009, we were snubbed this year and took it kind of personally. Feeling a little left out, we decided to turn to our fellow Addy Rejects and create, for all of us, a safe place to discuss our feelings. A haven if you will. And with that… was born.

While attending our local ADDY award ceremony in Seattle, we distributed fake ADDY Reject business cards to our friends and colleagues and, with a pat on the back, offered them support of they needed it after the award ceremony. Our crew also congratulated the winners with a building illumination outside the event, which was updated with all local ADDY Gold winners. A special ADDYRejects Twitter congratulated winners, consoled losers, and an emergency hot line (which conveniently went to voicemail) allowed distraught advertising professionals to vent their frustrations.

If looks a little …different… aesthetically, than our other work… well, good. We had a lot of fun taking a time machine back to the internet circa 1996 and had many laughs at those who participated via our Guestbook.