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What Makes Nontraditional Marketing an Effective Tool


April 29th, 2013

A variety of different marketing strategies are available in the creation of an outstanding marketing campaign and, more often than not, campaigns will be an aggregate of various ideas and options that come together in generating the largest impact and best ROI.

The one key aspect in all great campaigns is the ability to create a lasting impression and be remembered. How can nontraditional marketing be both cost-effective and memorable? Implement a campaign that is so good, people will have to share it with their networks.

The first step in creating a memorable nontraditional marketing campaign is considering the consumer experience. When people are able to interact with a product or brand in an intriguing way, it leaves a lasting impression. One of the perks of guerrilla marketing is that this interaction can be practically anywhere — from a crosswalk turned into piano keys to a projected advertisement.

From this experience, consumers can, and often do, generate hype about a campaign and its brand. One phone call, text, photo, video or tweet can lead to exposure at unprecedented rates. The initial campaign may only directly impact a certain number of people; however, as content is shared and grows to be viral, the number of lasting impressions garnered can be exponential.

The buzz around your campaign can start by being shared between friends and colleagues, posting a write-up on a well-known blog, or even being picked up by a national news source; the key is to get people talking about your campaign and associating it with the brand.

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The Jack Burger Truck Rocks Dallas


April 25th, 2013

The first free sampling mobile tour program from Jack in the Box® keeps on truckin’ across the great state of Texas – from Houston, to Austin and now in Dallas, The Jack Burger Truck will be giving away free Jumbo Jack® burgers with cheese at the city’s most prolific events, including Texas Rangers games, Baylor University and Southern Methodist University athletic and community events and an appearance at the Crowne Plaza Invitational.

Catch the Jack Burger Truck in the Lone Star State before it heads to the Rockies!

To view photos from the road and the tour schedule, visit


Sam, Uncensored: When Cool Technology is Not Effective


April 23rd, 2013

Many brands want to be a part of the “cool kids” group, flaunting the latest technologies and being the talk of the town. Incorporating a “wow” factor into your campaigns can be a homerun with consumers, but sometimes that intriguing element can also be detrimental in helping you reach your goals.

When looking to incorporate a cool factor into your campaign, the most important detail to remember is that your brand is not being overshadowed by the technology. You don’t want your audience to talk about the new, innovative technology they witnessed and fail to associate that campaign with your brand. Hyundai used 3D projections to incorporate a new and emerging technology into their campaign; however, that could have been any brand of car on the wall and it would have still had the same overall effect – the audience was so dazzled by the projection that they overlooked the brand and the message was lost.

When a technology is too complex or confusing, consumers may be put off. Aim to educate your audience on how that technology, or its implications, can be integrated in their lives.

For example, Vine has become a trending new technology that is being utilized in creative ways. People and brands have adapted to using the application as a form of expression, empowering them with a voice.

Often times, simplicity is underrated. BMW executed a brilliant campaign in which a wall display transformed passing cars into its future model. While the specific technology to make it happen may not be everyday knowledge, the results it produces isn’t complicated to understand—viewers are given a glimpse of the future of streets populated with BMW’s concept cars.

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Beyond Traditional Teams with Curator PR for Vayama Go Somewhere Tour


April 15th, 2013

Beyond Traditional partnered with Seattle-based agency Curator PR to launch the Vayama Go Somewhere Tour for the international-focused online travel agency, Vayama.

The focal point of the 12-city mobile marketing campaign is the custom-designed Advertising Vehicle, offering a unique experience and inspiring people to think about international travel. Attendees at some of the nation’s most widely attended cultural events, food fairs and lifestyle expositions will be invited to interact with the Vayama experience through three elements: a passport photo booth, an international trivia game and an interactive iPad app.

The passport photo booth presents people with a tangible takeaway as part of the first steps toward making their dreams of international travel a reality. Event attendees will be able to have their official passport picture taken and printed on-site within minutes.

Event-goers will also be able to challenge their family, friends and strangers in a game show about international trivia. As questions are displayed on an 80” outward facing TV mounted on the Ad Vehicle, participants at iPad podiums can scroll through multiple choice answers and lock in their selection, earning points with each correct answer. At the end of each game, participants will be prompted to enter the Go Somewhere Sweepstakes for a chance to win an international trip.

Additionally, attendees are invited to step inside the vehicle to interact with a custom-created iPad app, allowing people to navigate an interactive map to learn compelling facts about different cities around the globe, see beautiful images and watch picturesque time-lapsed videos. Users will also be able to enter the Go Somewhere Sweepstakes from all iPads set up in the interior of the Ad Vehicle, as well as their personal smartphones.

The Go Somewhere Tour has officially hit the road as of April 12, so click here to find out where you can catch the Ad Vehicle in-person. If we miss you on the tour, not to worry, Vayama has invited all Facebook users to participate in the Go Somewhere Sweepstakes for a change to win the Grand Prize – an international trip valued at $5,500. A lucky winner will receive two round-trip air tickets on Emirates Airline, plus US $2,000 spending money! Enter before August 4, 2013 at Facebook page.


What’s Trending: Twitter’s Six-Second Video App, Vine


April 9th, 2013

Earlier this year, Twitter announced a mobile video app called Vine that allows users to create and share six-second (or less) looping videos. Since then, Vine has topped the list of free iPhone apps as individuals and brands begin to embrace this emerging network.

Six seconds may seem to be a very short period of time, but in a world that reads information in 140 characters or less, the amount of data that can be communicated within such limitations can be surprising.

For example, some brands have used the platform to generate mini-ads. Trident, General Electric and Ritz have all incorporated Vine into their social media marketing mix.

Other organizations have used Vine to provide followers with  “behind-the-scenes” insights; this is especially popular among sports organizations. The Dodgers and Mariners both have adopted the technology to extend the fan experience beyond game days.

Red Square Agency pulled off a brilliant Valentine’s Day campaign asking for people to submit requests for “Valenvines” that were created and produced using the Vine app.

One of the biggest benefits of Vine is that it is fully integrated with Twitter, embedding the videos in tweets and allowing users to share videos outside the app. Vine’s recent incorporation of hashtags now allows users to optimize videos, making it easier to discover content and aggregate similar videos.

Is Vine the next Instagram success? It is very possible, especially considering it is already backed by a social media giant. Several brands and organizations have begun to incorporate Vine into their strategy as another way to creatively present a product or information, and have a bit of fun while at it.