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Duvel Green’s Guerrilla Only Campaign!


January 13th, 2010

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We really let the guerrilla out of its cage for the launch Duvel Green, a unique ale released by Belgian brewing company Duvel. We were asked by San Francisco’s Real Branding to mutually create and execute a complete guerrilla marketing campaign that took to the streets in New York City, Chicago & San Francisco during the month of December. We used a derivative of Geocaching, an outdoor activity that uses geographical points (usually latitude & longitude) to create a treasure hunt for participants, to dictate the vision for the entire campaign.

The goal was to create ground-level buzz for Duvel Green through multiple mediums that got people talking with the ultimate reward of tasting the golden ale for themselves. To do this, we installed over 100 wild postings (with over 2,000 posters) in the 3 cities, infiltrated metropolitan cores with over 180 brand ambassadors distributing 25,000 coasters which doubled as VIP passes to exclusive Duvel parties, and lit up the cities with building illuminations at night, all connected by identical brand messages. The result was a coherent campaign that filled up bars serving Duvel Green in each market – some even to the point of tapping out, with standing room only! We also gave away over 1,000 of Duvel Green’s signature glasses over the 3-week campaign to those who tried the beer themselves, and estimate total interactions and impressions at over one million. After consuming many a Duvel Green over the course of the campaign, our team’s grown quite addicted to the brew and we’d like to push for more frequent availability in our home city of Seattle!

To download the official GoMobile/Duvel Green press release, click here.