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Beyond Traditional Builds Mobile Billboard Truck for D.R. Horton


February 20th, 2011

D.R. Horton is the largest home builder in America, and with over 20 communities in the Puget Sound area, the largest in Washington state as well And while the national trend for home builders is currently focused on cutting spending, D.R. Horton is cementing their place as a leader by unveiling an ad campaign designed to demonstrate stability nationally while connecting with locals through the primary message, “You Are Here. We Are Everywhere.”

As D.R. Horton’s agency of record, we took the iconic image of a pin and map to demonstrate their massive presence in the Puget Sound area. We produced media that utilized the traditional mediums of TV, radio, and billboard placements across Washington, as well as a mobile billboard truck and a custom-designed website to help consumers find one of the hundreds of Horton homes in the area. All of these efforts helped communicate to Washingtonians that their new home really is closer than they think.

The long term campaign which began in January will be managed by our team exclusively, with new TV, radio, and outdoor ads scheduled to roll out monthly. This new campaign provides further evidence that Beyond Traditional can produce excellent work in traditional mediums — TV, radio, print, etc. — in addition to the creative, non-traditional work that has made us an industry name.

Ken Ya Dig It?


February 10th, 2011

Put down your orange mocha frappacino and check this out: in honor of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in NYC, we’re taking a look back at a super-cool campaign to promote everyone’s favorite plastic boyfriend, “Ken”.

Produced by Beyond Traditional’s affiliate Bulldog Mobile Billboards in Dallas, this retrofitted vehicle traversed the hip, fashion-conscious streets of New York to amuse and amaze passers-by on Fashion’s Night Out last September.  With individual rooms for each Ken to strut his stuff, this campaign for Mattel definitely qualifies as non-traditional.

Check out the YouTube clip above for a recap of the event!