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What’s Trending: Bold, Unapologetic Campaigns


June 19th, 2012

Over the past month, the trend for unapologetic, socially engaging campaigns has been on the rise.

A few notable examples include the Snickers’ endeavor, where public acts of stupidity (i.e. construction errors, poor parking jobs, etc.) were cordoned off with branded cautionary tape (and labeled as accidents caused by hunger), to a recent Facebook campaign by Halls Brazil which encourages two of its fans (who are strangers) to agree to be married in Vegas in exchange for a free vacation.

The latest addition to this trend is an app, launched by The Village newspaper in Moscow, that allows users to use their smartphones to snap photos of “parking douches“ and share them on Facebook. A digital map details the guilty vehicles and pinpoints where acts of poor parking were last committed. The goal of the campaign is to make inconsiderate parking socially unacceptable and shame “parking douches” into correcting their erroneous behavior.


Beyond Traditional Launches Next Generation of Mobile Marketing for Jack in the Box®


June 14th, 2012

When Jack in the Box® was searching for a way to increase brand awareness in a relatively untapped market, it looked to its experiential agency for a solution. On June 7, we rolled out a badass food truck capable of distributing tens of thousands of free burgers to the Southeast.

On Thursday, June 7, the BT team was on-site at Riverfront Park in Nashville to unveil The Jack Burger Truck at opening day of the CMA Music Festival and Fan Fair.

Over four days, 8,000 people lined up to lay their hands on a full-size sample of the menu classic, the Jumbo Jack®. By the end of the festival, 10,000 Jack in the Box® coupons and 12,000 commemorative CMA Festival and Fan Fair backpacks were distributed to burger-loving country music fans and The Jack Burger Truck helped raise over $4,100 for the Keep the Music Playing program, which benefits music education programs in the U.S.

After a seven-week stay in Nashville, the vehicle will continue with its six-month tour of the Southeast and make appearances at some of the region’s most popular, energetic and fun events, festivals, concerts, races and parades (i.e. LSU football games, the Van’s Warped Tour, the CMA Awards, Charlotte Motor Speedway races and even appear as a ‘float’ in the Baton Rouge Halloween Parade).

With stops scheduled in Charlotte, Greenville and Baton Rouge, The Jack Burger Truck will cook up and hand out 50,000 burgers by the conclusion of the tour.

The Jack Burger Truck joins Jack’s Munchie Mobile, also launched and managed by Beyond Traditional, in the mission of bringing savory Jack in the Box® menu items to the masses. Jack’s Munchie Mobile was introduced in April 2011 and operates under a vending role in the Greater San Diego Area. The Jack Burger Truck will exclusively serve free Jumbo Jack® burgers with cheese and will operate only in the Southeast.

For more information about The Jack Burger Truck and to find out where it will be next, visit or follow the truck on Twitter – @MunchieMobile.

Beyond Traditional and Yahoo! Headline Internet Week for Second Year


June 9th, 2012

For the second consecutive year, Beyond Traditional was handpicked by Yahoo! to launch a new brand at the world’s largest tech event–Internet Week New York. BT lead Yahoo! in digital domination and to become the most influential and innovative exhibitor of the event.

This year’s event was held in the heart of NYC’s chic SoHo neighborhood – over the course of the week, thousands of industry leading artists, designers, journalists, bloggers and techies converged to check out and share what’s awe-inspiring and avant-garde in the digital sector.

The BT team, in charge of all design and event management – from concept to execution, transformed Yahoo!’s event space into a hip lounge area where event-goers were invited to learn about Yahoo!-related content, interact with Yahoo! media and even pose for a custom photo, (which was set into a template made to appear as the front page of Yahoo!) to commemorate the event.

“[Beyond Traditional] was amazing,” Yahoo! Senior Manager of Event Marketing Dana Ching said. “[We] loved that [they] kept upping the bar each day.”

A video wall served as the key focal point of the experience – a custom-animated video drew in visitors and demonstrated the capabilities of Yahoo! Genome to target audiences and boost digital marketing potential and ROI.

To view more photos of Yahoo! at Internet Week New York, visit

The Jack Burger Truck is at the CMA Music Festival!


June 8th, 2012

The Jack Burger Truck

The BT team is in Fan Alley at the CMA Music Festival–at only two days into the event, The Jack Burger Truck is drawing huge crowds of country music fans, lining up to get their hands on a Jumbo Jack®!