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BT & Wing Dome Set West Seattle on Fire


July 29th, 2010

Our dream clients are those that aren’t afraid to take risks, thrive on doing something different, and love to get in the thick of it with our creative team. By these standards, the team at Wing Dome, Seattle’s favorite hot wing spot, have totally rocked our world. They called us because they’re opening a new store in West Seattle, a neighborhood of Seattle that’s more like an island in and of itself. Wing Dome is known for it’s spicy wings, fiery sauces, and it’s 7-Alarm Challenge (7 of Wing Dome’s 7-Alarm wings in 7 minutes), which while doing “client research” our Creative Director Ryan Moss attempted and failed miserably at. All this talk about heat and we knew we could do some really awesome things with, what else, fire.

We created a campaign called “The Fire is Spreading” and used non-traditional advertising to launch, a microsite we designed to provide up-to-date information on the grand opening while providing fun opportunities to interact with the brand, such as the ability to challenge your friends “Mad Libs” style to the 7-Alarm Challenge and take a quiz to see how spicy you really are in Wing Dome sauce terms.

The video to the left is a sneak peak at a unique interior building illumination we’re doing weekend nights at the new storefront while it’s being built out, behind custom vinyl window decals we created for the new store.

Accompanying the building projection are nearly 20 large hand-applied chalk graphics, strategically placed around the high-traffic footprint of busy West Seattle. The West Seattle Herald took note of what we’re doing and we’re loving that the West Seattle crowd “gets” our different approach to getting the word out.

There is a lot more in the works for Wing Dome, so stay tuned but until then – hope you enjoy the sneak peak!

Look For Us This Weekend… Everywhere!


July 23rd, 2010

The team at Beyond Traditional (formerly GoMobile) is gearing up for a jam-packed weekend, where we’re runThe BT Crewning four (count ‘em, four!) events. Keep on the lookout for the Goodwill mobile, touring around Seattle this weekend. Wing Dome’s being talked about in the West Seattle Herald in preparation for their grand opening coming soon (visit our microsite for more information), look for us at the Capital Hill Block Party with our client Qdoba, opening a new restaurant there in September, and finally – remember to vote for Leonard and look for us at the Mariners/Sounders games this weekend and on Alki Beach!

In the meantime… we still found time to celebrate our Creative Director, Ryan Moss’ birthday at our new local hangout, Hooverville where we used paper towels for cake plates and ate Sodo Pizza and …things of this photo’s nature.


P.S. Yes, we take our Washington pride very seriously.  Note the Washington Apple shots.  Jealous?

The Fire is Spreading…


July 13th, 2010