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A Flurry of Campaigns


October 20th, 2009

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The great thing about our scrolling billboard vehicles is that although they can be tricked out with 3D displays and custom wraps for the biggest brands (we’ve done multimedia campaigns for McDonalds, Coca-Cola, Hitachi, Safeco and IKEA to name a few), it is also the perfect advertising medium for local companies, non-profits and small businesses alike because it is cost-effective and can reach a company’s target demographic down to the specific neighborhood they’d like to reach. Not to mention a 10′ x 6′ ad gets a lot of attention on the streets, especially when it’s a scrolling ad like ours are!

October has been a busy month at GoMobile. Aside from prepping for some seriously big campaigns that we can’t even talk about yet (stay tuned for upcoming posts), we’ve been running multiple mobile marketing campaigns on our scrolling billboard trucks in the Seattle market for Party @ Display & Costume, Goodwill, Life Christian and Waterways. These represent local or non-profit companies that see the unparalleled benefit to interacting with the community through non-traditional and out-of-home advertising.

In out-of-home advertising, it’s all about catching the attention of the busy & bustling public. So sometimes, bigger really IS better. This month, we’ve introduced our larger than life A-frame vehicle to the streets in honor of Tacoma Holiday Food & Gift Festival at the Tacoma Dome beginning Oct 21st. The enormous 11′x22′ boards are back lit to ensure spectacular presentation during both day and evening and the vehicle can be parked at grand openings or in front of hard-to-see store locations for high visibility. Interested in the A-frame? Contact us here.