What’s Trending: Twitter’s Six-Second Video App, Vine


April 9th, 2013

Earlier this year, Twitter announced a mobile video app called Vine that allows users to create and share six-second (or less) looping videos. Since then, Vine has topped the list of free iPhone apps as individuals and brands begin to embrace this emerging network.

Six seconds may seem to be a very short period of time, but in a world that reads information in 140 characters or less, the amount of data that can be communicated within such limitations can be surprising.

For example, some brands have used the platform to generate mini-ads. Trident, General Electric and Ritz have all incorporated Vine into their social media marketing mix.

Other organizations have used Vine to provide followers with  “behind-the-scenes” insights; this is especially popular among sports organizations. The Dodgers and Mariners both have adopted the technology to extend the fan experience beyond game days.

Red Square Agency pulled off a brilliant Valentine’s Day campaign asking for people to submit requests for “Valenvines” that were created and produced using the Vine app.

One of the biggest benefits of Vine is that it is fully integrated with Twitter, embedding the videos in tweets and allowing users to share videos outside the app. Vine’s recent incorporation of hashtags now allows users to optimize videos, making it easier to discover content and aggregate similar videos.

Is Vine the next Instagram success? It is very possible, especially considering it is already backed by a social media giant. Several brands and organizations have begun to incorporate Vine into their strategy as another way to creatively present a product or information, and have a bit of fun while at it.

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