Black Friday Guerrilla Campaign


December 4th, 2013

The next best word to describe Black Friday after chaos is lines. Some people begin lining up as early as Monday before Thanksgiving to be sure that they were the first ones in those doors to grab the best deals. This year, Black Friday promotions had an earlier start than past years, leading us to conclude that people would become hungry once the turkey coma subsided and tired as they forged on through the wee hours. To prevent consumers from making rash decisions due to the effects of being exhausted and “hangry” (that’s anger induced by hunger), Beyond Traditional deployed the Jack Munchie Mobile and kicked-off the Verizon & Motorola Moto Maker Tour to engage with consumers in a surprise-and-delight manner.

The Jack Munchie Mobile, currently in Oklahoma City, rolled into a Best Buy parking lot before the doors opened for its big promotional deals to serve people waiting in line. Consumers and employees were excited to sample tacos, Jumbo Jack® burgers with cheese, seasoned curly fries, and milkshakes. With the extra burgerpower fuel, consumers were ready to brave the chaos that was about to ensue while others treated themselves to a victory burger after emerging from the store, purchases in hand. Overall, 1,260 food items and 1,500 coupons were distributed.

The Verizon & Motorola Moto Maker Tour officially launched at the Seattle Macy’s Day Parade, but we decided to offer a teaser to Black Friday shoppers. Armed with Black Friday survival kits complete with energy drinks and snacks, a brand team infiltrated busy mall locations to distribute these packs to consumers. Consumers graciously accepted the packs, allowing for brand ambassadors to interact with consumers in a unique way. The brand team was able to directly interact with 200 consumers in addition to the hundreds of consumers who viewed the branded mobile showroom and bright visual TV display.

Not all marketing promotions during Black Friday need to promote a savings event. It provides an opportunity for brands to think differently by creating campaigns that engage with consumers through direct interaction. We took the opportunity to position our clients as the hero of the day in the midst of the craziness surrounding Black Friday to create meaningful relationships between the brand and consumers and the results were overwhelmingly positive.


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