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After successfully launching the first mobile restaurant for Jack in the Box®, Jack’s Munchie Mobile™, other regions across...

Now in it's 2nd year, Jack’s Munchie Mobile has served favorites from the Jack In The Box menu at over 100 events in Southern California, has generated a...

Yahoo! had a unique challenge. Their new studio brand was segmented and confusing, and it needed a unique way of informing influencers fast. So we tempted them with food...

For the test launch of Street Tacos, a new Mexican street-food inspired product from Qdoba, we were called to design a campaign that connected the authentic flavors...

Capturing the attention of young beer drinkers isn't easy. In this case, we decided on a two-pronged approach: impress them with a Cuban-themed memorable experience...

One of the most widely recognized mobile tours in the country, Beyond Traditional’s IKEA mobile showrooms have taken the brand out of its supersized warehouses...


3 February

How to Choose the Right Hashtag For Your Campaign

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Beyond Traditional is a result of the sum of its parts: we are a nimble group of creative masterminds and logistical geniuses who lead the nontraditional advertising industry by creating consumer experiences that spark a wildfire of communication. We've worked with brands large and small, including IKEA, Miller Brewing Company, Goodwill, Coca-Cola, Hitachi, and Jack in the Box, creating jaw dropping campaigns that connect ground-level event marketing and digital/social media strategy, all with a history of creative innovation and a focus on ROI.

We have a unique history, in that we are also the industry leaders in all things mobile. Beyond Traditional started as GoMobile in 2005, quickly rising up as the leaders in mobile tours, 3D glass showroom vehicles, mobile billboard trucks, and mobile truck advertising in general. During this time we created IKEA's first mobile bedroom inside our glass-walled truck, built the Miller Chill Cuban Lounge, and housed a 6' Chicken and Biscuit Bowl for KFC inside our see-thru truck. GoMobile began to grow its services to include Street Teams, SMS marketing, bluetooth marketing, and digital/social media strategy, and as the masters of non-traditional advertising, became Beyond Traditional in 2009. We've since added food truck takeovers and food truck marketing to our arsenal, launching Yahoo! Studios at Internet Week in New York City with a food truck takeover, building, launching and managing Jack in the Box's Munchie Mobile in San Diego, and building and managing Qdoba's Q-Cruiser in Seattle.

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