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BT Team Highlight: Kirsten Cowles, Event Coordinator


October 8th, 2013

Kirsten brings a unique perspective on experiential marketing with an extensive background in event marketing as a Brand Ambassador and Event Manager for over three years. She has represented a variety of Fortune 500 companies including Amazon, Microsoft, Porsche, eBay, Toyota, and Verizon Wireless. Kirsten utilizes her past promotion experience as she manages multi-state mobile tours for Jack in the Box.

How have your experiences as a Brand Ambassador and Event Manager prepared you for managing national accounts at Beyond Traditional?

Rarely do people working on the agency side of an experiential campaign have the experience of directly interacting with consumers at an event. My past involvement executing activations exposed me to various types of campaigns and the different elements incorporated into each. I have seen how technology can be integrated and what levels of consumer interaction are needed to reach campaign objectives. When looking to source Brand Ambassadors or staff for my clients’ campaigns, I understand the sourcing process and know what qualifications are needed to make an event successful.

Does your team ever come to you for advice on how to manage promotional staffing?

Absolutely! I can give an opinion from the “other side” on how something might be received by consumers at the activation based on what I have seen work amazingly and also fail. At times, I help my co-workers see how a situation might appear from the view of a Brand Ambassador or Tour Manager so they understand a situation better. Communication between you and your event team is crucial, especially when constructing event plans that are sent to them.

What is one experience you can take away from being a Brand Ambassador and apply it to your position now?

Dealing directly with consumers has allowed me to really analyze a campaign strategy from start to finish. You have to always consider the consumer standpoint when creating a campaign otherwise you may fall short of your ROI objectives if the consumer doesn’t feel compelled to participate. For example, I have worked activations that asked consumers for information that they were not comfortable providing and turned them off from learning anything else about the brand. I have taken this experience and applied it to how we promote sign ups for Jack’s Secret Society as part of the Jack Munchie Mobile tour.

What is different on the agency side of event marketing?

I used to wonder why an agency would make the decisions that they did and now I understand. I had no idea how many elements go into a single decision – client approvals, budgeting, maintaining certain image. I have really loved being able to broaden my scope of understanding experiential from all angles.


Meet Melissa Moorhead, Account Executive


June 5th, 2013

Meet Melissa Moorhead, Account Executive here at Beyond Traditional. Melissa joined the team in March and hit the ground running, managing the Vayama Go Somewhere Tour and the Verizon Home Fusion Mobile tour to name a few.

Melissa graduated WSU (Go Cougs!) with a degree in advertising and previously worked at a small agency in Spokane before making her way to Seattle and Beyond Traditional.

What is your favorite marketing/advertising campaign and why?

My favorite campaign in the Dos Equis’ Most Interesting Man In The World. Taking the meme world by storm, he has become a larger then life personality. Men want to be him, women want to date him, and everyone wants to cheers with him. This campaign has successfully crossed all media channels, influencing conversations while allowing consumers to participate on multiple platforms. Also, I am a really big fan of those memes.

What attracted you to marketing and advertising?

I love advertising for the challenge and excitement. Every day keeps you on your toes. When I walk through the door of Beyond Traditional I may have had an idea of what my day will look like, but by the end of the day, my to-do list has changed 20 times, my immediate priorities have shifted, and I am juggling six different balls at once.

Advertising is also an industry where I get to be creative everyday. I have to stay sharp, and my brain is always in thinking and planning mode. Being on the account side allows me to help develop brands and consumer perceptions. I get to be an influencer in the world we live in and that is an empowering position.

Serious question–Have any hidden talents we should know about?

One of my hidden talents includes cooking.I spend a great deal of my spare time in the kitchen trying new recipes, altering old ones or simply making classics come back to life. I also love to cook for other people, and tend to make larger portions then I ever can eat on my own (Ahem, the office loves leftovers).

I can also pull off a pretty convincing Minnesotan accent.

We are happy to have Melissa on the team!


    Verizon Home Fusion Mobile Tour to Appear at Moses Lake Spring Festival


    May 20th, 2013

    The Verizon Home Fusion Mobile Tour hits the road again and is headed to the Moses Lake Spring Festival for Memorial Day weekend. If you see the truck at the festival, be sure to stop by and challenge the Verizon team to a game on the Xbox! After the festival, the ad vehicle will be canvassing throughout Moses Lake areas, demonstrating the products Verizon supports direct to consumers while continually building brand awareness.

    To find out how our mobile ad vehicle tours can help you build brand awareness, give Sam a call at 206.599.9855.

    The Jack Burger Truck Rocks Dallas


    April 25th, 2013

    The first free sampling mobile tour program from Jack in the Box® keeps on truckin’ across the great state of Texas – from Houston, to Austin and now in Dallas, The Jack Burger Truck will be giving away free Jumbo Jack® burgers with cheese at the city’s most prolific events, including Texas Rangers games, Baylor University and Southern Methodist University athletic and community events and an appearance at the Crowne Plaza Invitational.

    Catch the Jack Burger Truck in the Lone Star State before it heads to the Rockies!

    To view photos from the road and the tour schedule, visit


    Beyond Traditional Teams with Curator PR for Vayama Go Somewhere Tour


    April 15th, 2013

    Beyond Traditional partnered with Seattle-based agency Curator PR to launch the Vayama Go Somewhere Tour for the international-focused online travel agency, Vayama.

    The focal point of the 12-city mobile marketing campaign is the custom-designed Advertising Vehicle, offering a unique experience and inspiring people to think about international travel. Attendees at some of the nation’s most widely attended cultural events, food fairs and lifestyle expositions will be invited to interact with the Vayama experience through three elements: a passport photo booth, an international trivia game and an interactive iPad app.

    The passport photo booth presents people with a tangible takeaway as part of the first steps toward making their dreams of international travel a reality. Event attendees will be able to have their official passport picture taken and printed on-site within minutes.

    Event-goers will also be able to challenge their family, friends and strangers in a game show about international trivia. As questions are displayed on an 80” outward facing TV mounted on the Ad Vehicle, participants at iPad podiums can scroll through multiple choice answers and lock in their selection, earning points with each correct answer. At the end of each game, participants will be prompted to enter the Go Somewhere Sweepstakes for a chance to win an international trip.

    Additionally, attendees are invited to step inside the vehicle to interact with a custom-created iPad app, allowing people to navigate an interactive map to learn compelling facts about different cities around the globe, see beautiful images and watch picturesque time-lapsed videos. Users will also be able to enter the Go Somewhere Sweepstakes from all iPads set up in the interior of the Ad Vehicle, as well as their personal smartphones.

    The Go Somewhere Tour has officially hit the road as of April 12, so click here to find out where you can catch the Ad Vehicle in-person. If we miss you on the tour, not to worry, Vayama has invited all Facebook users to participate in the Go Somewhere Sweepstakes for a change to win the Grand Prize – an international trip valued at $5,500. A lucky winner will receive two round-trip air tickets on Emirates Airline, plus US $2,000 spending money! Enter before August 4, 2013 at Facebook page.