Sam, Uncensored: When Cool Technology is Not Effective


April 23rd, 2013

Many brands want to be a part of the “cool kids” group, flaunting the latest technologies and being the talk of the town. Incorporating a “wow” factor into your campaigns can be a homerun with consumers, but sometimes that intriguing element can also be detrimental in helping you reach your goals.

When looking to incorporate a cool factor into your campaign, the most important detail to remember is that your brand is not being overshadowed by the technology. You don’t want your audience to talk about the new, innovative technology they witnessed and fail to associate that campaign with your brand. Hyundai used 3D projections to incorporate a new and emerging technology into their campaign; however, that could have been any brand of car on the wall and it would have still had the same overall effect – the audience was so dazzled by the projection that they overlooked the brand and the message was lost.

When a technology is too complex or confusing, consumers may be put off. Aim to educate your audience on how that technology, or its implications, can be integrated in their lives.

For example, Vine has become a trending new technology that is being utilized in creative ways. People and brands have adapted to using the application as a form of expression, empowering them with a voice.

Often times, simplicity is underrated. BMW executed a brilliant campaign in which a wall display transformed passing cars into its future model. While the specific technology to make it happen may not be everyday knowledge, the results it produces isn’t complicated to understand—viewers are given a glimpse of the future of streets populated with BMW’s concept cars.

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