What’s Trending: Filter Your Feed


October 18th, 2012

Sick of checking your social media pages and being bombarded with picture upon picture of your friend’s annoying baby? Tired of incessant posts about each and every person’s opinion on politics? Wish there was a way to block it all out? Now, there’s a solution for you!

Browser plug-ins such as Unbaby.me and Unpolitic.me (offered through Google Chrome) can be download and customized to recognize those pesky political posts or potty training progress reports and replace them with things that are awesome…such as adorable kittens, pugs, bacon or scantily clad ladies.

Combined, the plug-ins currently have over 44,000 users and hundreds of positive reviews.

Of Unpolitic.me, one satisfied user said, “Worked right out of the box. First political post I came across was replaced with a Katy Perry picture. It warmed my heart.”

Another grateful downloader had this to say about the Unbaby.me plug-in – “This is absolutely brilliant. Saving me from blocking my friends’ feeds or going insane from baby picture overload.”

Interested in purging your online browsing experience of political insights and child rearing routines? Download the plug-ins here: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/unbabyme/dkigkllnlkoblfbgfnfngfcnhmndonjm

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