Sam, Uncensored: How to Manage a Campaign When Not In Market


October 2nd, 2013


With multiple campaigns activating in different cities simultaneously, I often manage campaign and market launches while not physically present to oversee them in action (if you have an in on some crazy technology like teleporting though, hit me up). That being said, I have learned a thing or two over on how to effectively execute campaigns when thousands of miles away.

The first key to success is to develop a carefully crafted production and event plan that is shared with everyone involved with the account. Knowing who is doing what and when they are doing it is vital to keeping on track. Timelines will become your best friend.

Along with planning comes surrounding yourself with people you trust. Your campaign management team has to include responsible account managers, tour managers, and vendors to pull this off. These are the people you rely on 100% to do whatever necessary to get the job done and not half-ass the results. If you don’t trust someone to complete a task on time, the wheels of the bus will fall off.

As you are planning your campaign, don’t forget to account for the “what ifs.” Contingency plans not only save you time and some grey hairs, but also set your campaign up for success. Consider everything and anything that may be a variable (technology, weather, location availability, staffing, and so on) and account for all options available to iron out any hiccups. Also, make sure your tour manager knows who to call right away if a problem happens to come up, as well as who to call next if your account manager doesn’t answer the call in time.

Finally, communication is the glue to holding everything together. I cannot stress enough the importance of open communication between you and your team, even if it’s simple updates like staffing confirmation or tour manager whereabouts. You want to develop a trusting relationship with the team and have them not be afraid to alert you the moment something may come up.

Managing a campaign when not in market may seem like a daunting task. Planning ahead, having a rock star team, and constantly communicating with all parties involved will result in a successful campaign. If you are panicking about managing your own out-of-town campaign, first off, breathe, then feel free to hit me up and let’s chat.





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