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What’s Trending: Bold, Unapologetic Campaigns


June 19th, 2012

Over the past month, the trend for unapologetic, socially engaging campaigns has been on the rise.

A few notable examples include the Snickers’ endeavor, where public acts of stupidity (i.e. construction errors, poor parking jobs, etc.) were cordoned off with branded cautionary tape (and labeled as accidents caused by hunger), to a recent Facebook campaign by Halls Brazil which encourages two of its fans (who are strangers) to agree to be married in Vegas in exchange for a free vacation.

The latest addition to this trend is an app, launched by The Village newspaper in Moscow, that allows users to use their smartphones to snap photos of “parking douches“ and share them on Facebook. A digital map details the guilty vehicles and pinpoints where acts of poor parking were last committed. The goal of the campaign is to make inconsiderate parking socially unacceptable and shame “parking douches” into correcting their erroneous behavior.


What’s Trending: Oversized Digital Displays


March 30th, 2012

In the world of digital marketing – it is apparent that the latest consensus among marketers has become “the bigger, the better.”

Behemoth digital sensory displays, over-the-top building projections/3D mapping and colossal touch screen boards are some of the latest marketing products that have been popping up in airports, in storefronts and on the sides of buildings.

These products are highly effective because they engage users through entertaining interaction, they promote brand awareness via an unexpected and fun platform and they offer an easy method for gathering consumer data by encouraging users to opt in (to join a mailing list, create an online account to access special rewards, etc.).

Here are a few examples of our favorite digital displays:

  • Chevy Sonic: Claw Game Projection 3D Mapping/Building Projection Link:
  • Clearwater & St. Petersburg, Fla. Motion Sensitive Digital Link:
  • Yahoo! Bus Shelter GamesOversized Touch Screen Link: games/
  • World Outreach Church Projection Projection Mapping Link: mapping/

How Pinterest Is Changing Business Management & The Creative Process


January 13th, 2012

Created in 2009, Pinterest rose to popularity late last summer and has since been on the road to becoming a worldwide phenom to join the ranks of Facebook and Twitter.

Pinterest is an invite-only website where users create image boards of ‘pins’ (web content they find fascinating), organize those boards into categories and share them with their community of ‘pinners.’

While popular board themes usually include home decor, recipes, DIY projects and arts & craft ideas, we’ve found Pinterest to be a very useful organization and ideation tool for our company.

Here are a few ways to use Pinterest to optimize campaign management, organize internal projects and stay on top of trends:

- Create a board to represent your company (pins could represent your business’ culture, recent projects, press highlights, etc.) When a user is interested in one of your posts, they can ‘repin’ or ‘like’ your image and share it with all of their followers.

- Organize mood boards for upcoming campaigns. Give permission to team members and clients (with existing Pinterest accounts) and invite them to post their ideas on the board. This is a great strategy for idea sharing among multiple parties (especially when clients are in different cities/states/countries)

- Dedicate one board to industry and social trends. Pin campaigns, ideas or advertising products you found interesting–having a visual representation of others’ creativity will inspire ideas of your own.

- To further increase your SEO capabilities, consider embedding Pinterest to your company’s website or blog. Also, note that Pinterest can be linked so that pins will appear on your Facebook wall and Twitter feed.

While Pinterest provides unlimited opportunity for creative organization and expression, remember the site is still in its baby stages. It has not, yet, been designed to accommodate the needs of brands and businesses. There are no privacy settings for limiting visibility of certain boards or pins–if you are using Pinterest to brainstorm ideas for upcoming pitches, all of your pins will be visible to the site (and potentially the companies pitching against you).

Happy pinning!