How to Work, Travel, and Stay Sane


October 28th, 2013

Between travel arrangements, gathering up every possible file you may need, packing your luggage, and actually getting there, a business trip can be a huge undertaking. Once there, you have to immediately organize yourself in preparation for client meetings, event check-ins, and whatever else is needed. It can be overwhelming trying to balance being out of town, keeping up with your regular work, and trying to add a bit of fun. With some simple preparation, you can keep your stress levels at a minimum and maximize your time with the following tips:

Take a few minutes to list anything and everything you might need on your trip. Think of any documents that might need to be printed and any files needed for your trip. Be prepared for anything that may come up while being out of office. If you are worried about misplacing any important documents, consider making copies and keeping the originals safe back in your office.

While packing, organize your outfits based on all possible situations. You should be prepared to dress to the occasion, whether it is a formal client meeting or a casual dinner. Otherwise, you may have to go on a shopping trip or two.

Double check you have all the essentials, especially any chargers. Often, you have to stay connected to the office while away and a dead electronic doesn’t help with that. Consider keeping extra cords in your travel bags to always have a spare in hand.

By following the tips above, you can avoid a few travel stresses and focus on having an efficient, and yes even fun, work trip.


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