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  • Ideation
  • Logistics Management
  • Strategy
  • Event Planning
  • Experience Management
  • Visual Design
  • Food Truck Takeover
  • Collateral Development
  • User Experience
  • Conceptual Design
  • Staffing
  • Event Management
  • Audio/Video Production

Yahoo! Studios


Eight weeks before their targeted launch date, Yahoo! approached BT with a challenge: how do you launch Yahoo! Studios, a brand that millions interact with daily but has little-to-no brand recognition? Furthermore, how do you leverage a presenting sponsorship at Internet Week in New York City to impress the most web-savvy consumers in an extremely competitive environment?


Beyond Traditional created visual roadblocks both inside and outside the venue’s downtown footprint that encouraged conversation, participation, and included everyone’s favorite takeaway – free food! We transformed the top dessert food truck in NYC into the Yahoo! Studios Sweet Treats Truck, and through the truck’s chef created fresh blackberry whoopee pies in Yahoo!’s legendary purple hue. As guests waited to receive their complimentary treat, they were engaged by video kiosks showcasing Yahoo!’s different lifestyle programming, and through an interactive step-and-repeat wall were able to capture their experience through immediate Facebook uploads.

Once inside the Internet Week event space, IWNY guests had the ability to view Yahoo! Studios content on interactive kiosks and a large-scale video wall, and witness celebrity-centric webisodes, being taped live on-site at the Yahoo! Studios stage. One taping for fashion and trends show, The Thread, even featured live on-stage interviews of Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian!


The Yahoo! Studios sponsorship of Internet Week was a full 360 degree launch that included both innovating ground level elements, cutting-edge technological developments and a robust digital and social platform to allow consumers to create dialogue.

  • Yahoo! Studios positioned as #1 trending topic during Internet Week on Twitter
  • Over 600 step-and-repeat wall photos shared through Facebook
  • Tens of thousands of IWNY impressions over the week-long event

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