Ikea - Mobile 3D Showroom Ikea - Mobile 3D Showroom Ikea - Mobile 3D Showroom Ikea - Mobile 3D Showroom Ikea - Mobile 3D Showroom Ikea - Mobile 3D Showroom

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  • Logistics Management
  • Strategy
  • Vehicle Production
  • Event Planning
  • Experience Management
  • Visual Design
  • Food Truck Takeover
  • Collateral Development
  • User Experience
  • Conceptual Design
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Client says...
           We are very pleased with the response that IKEA has received from our promotion for our IKEA Catalogs. This continues to be one of our most successful catalog promotions and [you] have been a big contributor to that success.

C. Merry, Advertising Manager



IKEA is a store without windows, and most locations are outside of central, downtown urban areas. So to compete with other furniture stores who have the luxury of downtown window real estate, IKEA came to Beyond Traditional with a challenge: how can we bring a window display to the people?


Since 2006, we’ve designed and executed 8 mobile tour vehicles for IKEA, specifically designed to showcase product launches and drive sales initiatives. Our glass-walled 3D showrooms are the perfect vessels to feature entire rooms outfitted exclusively with IKEA furniture, essentially bringing their famous catalogs to life! Guests are invited to enter the rooms and “live” in the space, while our brand ambassador teams educate consumers about the affordability and usability that IKEA furniture boasts.


One of the most widely recognized mobile tours in the country, Beyond Traditional’s IKEA mobile showrooms have taken the brand out of its supersized warehouses and into the lives of their target consumers.

  • Eight individual mobile tours featuring unique IKEA interiors
  • Over tens of thousands of face-to-face engagements
  • Over 10,000 IKEA catalogs hand delivered to consumers
  • Featured PR highlights
  • OAAA OBIE award recipient

Can’t remember the last time a consumer took photos of your campaign and shared them with their friends? It’s time to think differently.

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