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DR Horton


D.R. Horton is the largest homebuilder not only in the nation, but also in Washington state. In the middle of one of the worst housing markets in history, D.R. Horton came to us with a challenge - make the D.R. Horton a household name and seen as the leader in the revival of the housing market. “How do we show that we're local, show that we have a surprisingly massive presence in the Puget Sound, and show that your new home is closer than you think, both geographically and chronologically?”


We helped D.R. Horton rebrand their company by launching a campaign to influence Seattle home-seekers to associate the builder with a sense of localness, fulfillment and affability.

Buying your first home is a huge accomplishment – it anchors you into a community, it provides stability, and like the red pin, it says, "You have arrived."

By choosing a symbol already associated with the idea of "getting you there" easily, D.R. Horton started one step ahead with a simple message – finding your first or second home is as simple as using a GPS.


Through reaching out to home buyers through a range of targeted advertisements (placed on billboards, scrolling trucks, buses ) D.R. Horton saw dramatic rises in home sales and public awareness.

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