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  • Ideation
  • Creative Development
  • Logistics Management
  • Strategy
  • Event Planning and Negotiation
  • Experience Management
  • User Experience
  • Installation Management
  • Visual Design

Wing Dome


Wing Dome wanted to make a big impression for its Grand Opening in West Seattle, (a neighborhood where residents tend to be less-than-friendly toward chain restaurants), and to certify themselves as a community-oriented hang out for wing-loving West Seattleites. Wing Dome wanted to create mega buzz, among local outlets, on a limited budget.


We developed and executed a four-month comprehensive teaser campaign that launched at the West Seattle Festival and included guerrilla street stenciling, interior building projections, Pedicabs, Facebook advertising and a custom microsite –Street Stencils we launched at the West Seattle Festival were made of biodegradable chalk-based paint, but still created some healthy controversy in the community.

Using an interior dual-projection, we made the new location appear to be on fire every weekend up until the launch, where we pulled down the screens for a grand reveal of the restaurant. Prior to the last week of the campaign, the only branding on the building was the url:

Facebook advertising and street-level marketing, including Pedicabs, drove people to a microsite where they could engage with the brand, meet the Wingman, sign up for updates and download a coupon.


We created a stir that landed Wing Dome a ton of press from local blogs and news outlets. The restaurant was packed on Opening night and every night for several weeks after the Grand Opening.

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