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The Jack Munchie Mobile Midwest Tour


Following the success of The Jack Burger Truck, Jack in the Box® is continuing its direct interaction with consumers at the community level in their new and emerging markets with the return of the Jack Munchie Mobile.


Beyond Traditional designed a strategic localized campaign that included creating a memorable brand experience at local community events and managing an active social media presence to connect with fans. The Jack Munchie Mobile program is designed to provide consumers with the opportunity to try and taste the jack in the Box brand through direct interaction. The custom-built mobile restaurant samples Jack in the Box favorites to consumers at local events to expand brand exposure in these new and emerging markets. In addition to sampling, a team of brand ambassadors is on-site to distribute coupons to drive traffic to local restaurants and encourage consumers to sign up for special offers as part of Jack’s Secret Society.


The Jack Munchie Mobile made its first appearance of the Midwest Tour in Indianapolis. During its stay, the food truck served 6,930 Jumbo Jack® burgers, seasoned curly fries, tacos, and milkshakes. Additionally, 3,850 coupons were distributed and 1,125 consumers became part of Jack’s Secret Society.

The Jack Munchie Mobile is currently on tour with stops in St. Louis, Kansas City, Tulsa, and Oklahoma City.

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