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  • Ideation
  • Staffing
  • Logistics Management
  • Video Editing



For the launch of their new NOURISH+ Hair Care Collection, AVEENO wanted to engage one-on-one with salon-going men and women who usually purchase high-end hair products and demonstrate to them how NOURISH+ could revitalize, volumize and moisturize their tresses. Beyond Traditional was tasked with staffing, planning, and operating the electronic branded pedicab system to transport guests to and from a popular salon partner where they had a hair makeover.


We launched fully wrapped and branded AVEENO pedicabs in Seattle, stocked with samples of NOURISH+, to transport guests to and from the salon while engaging with them about their hair's "story". Once inside, guests took "before" pictures, had personal consultations with stylists about how they tame their mane, and received a free shampoo, condition and blowout using the AVEENO's NOURISH+ product line. From staffing to logistics to recap video creation, Beyond Traditional managed the mobile portion of the campaign flawlessly.


In just one day of hour-long engagements with consumers, Beyond Traditional successfully transported over 30 guests to the partner salon in the wrapped and branded pedicabs, distributed hundreds of free samples, and successfully met the client’s engagement goal.

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