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  • Ideation
  • Logistics Management
  • Strategy
  • Event Planning
  • Experience Management
  • Visual Design
  • Collateral Development
  • User Experience
  • Conceptual Design
  • Staffing
  • Event Management
  • Audio/Video Production



To build excitement for their new slim 1.5” flat panel HDTV, Hitachi called on Beyond Traditional to inspire and inform influencers and consumers to preorder the slim silhouette in a B-to-B mobile tour. In order to generate national excitement, the product needed to be showcased in face-to-face expert demonstrations in at least 100 markets across the US…in a month. We love a good challenge!


Beyond Traditional designed and engineered a mobile showroom that gave Hitachi’s new product a grand introduction. We featured three 1.5” Hitachi flat panel TVs equipped with High Definition content in a contemporary setting that allowed our expertly trained brand ambassadors to present to influencers easily and comfortably. We then replicated this design in four identical vehicles and created a customtraffic plan that hit 120 markets across the country in 30 days to build momentum and pre-sell the product prior to launch.


This campaign provided Hitachi with the ability to directly showcase a new product to thousands of retailers and millions of consumers in a national mobile tour for a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising.

  • Mobile tour hit 120 markets in 30 days
  • Hundreds of face-to-face retail and consumer interactions
  • Over 1,400 intimate face-to-face engagements with purchasing decision-makers during B-to-B mobile tour
  • Simultaneous launch in four markets: LA, NY, Minneapolis, Dallas and Seattle

If your product launch needs national B-to-B exposure and consumer interaction that drives sales and delivers results, no one creates mobile roadshow experiences like Beyond Traditional! Get started.

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