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JUNE 2010
Seattle's First Free Street Taco Truck
GoMobile and Qdoba Serve Over 1,000 Tacos in First Three Events

st1GoMobile's latest campaign in partnership with Qdoba Mexican Grill is making Seattle sizzle with the 1st ever FREE Street Taco Truck, which has served over 1,000 free tacos so far, using only social media to announce its locations. The Street Taco Truck campaign was designed by GoMobile to allow people to experience authentic Mexican street food culture while tasting Qdoba's new product, Mini Street Tacos.

Qdoba's Street Taco Truck launched fittingly on Cinco De Mayo in Fremont, and has since held events near The High Dive as well as in Queen Anne after the Tim McGraw concert on May 18. At least 6 more events are in the works, with future locations scheduled for Capital Hill and Ballard in the coming weeks.

Taking a word-of-mouth approach to their events, the Street Taco Truck is relying completely on social media to announce their upcoming locations only days before they arrive on-site. So far, they've received announcements from CitySearch, Yelp, and prominent Seattle bloggers, food columnists and radio DJs to help spread the word. Over 500 fans are tracking the truck on Facebook and Twitter, and numbers are growing daily. In addition to receiving a free Mini Street Taco, guests who visit the Street Taco Truck are given a coupon by trained GoMobile brand ambassadors for a Mini Street Taco meal and are also given a chance to win a trip to a Baja surf camp at www.QdobaStreetTacos.com. Click here to view the rest of the article.

Qdoba event

For more information about the campaign, check out the microsite, or follow us on Twitter or Facebook to stay updated on the where the truck will be next.

Brands Utilize Social Media More Than Ever to Engage Fans

The world's most watched tournament, the FIFA World Cup starts June 11 and with it has come some incredibly creative marketing. From life-size foosball games in city centers to mobile apps geared specifically to the Cup, advertisers have gone the extra length to reach their audience. Because the tournament is once every four years, one thing that has really changed from the last is the overwhelming use of social media. Brands like Nike and Coca-Cola have made a huge push to interact with viewers through Web 2.0.

Nike Write the Future

For the few weeks previous to its release, Nike had been releasing a series of YouTube teaser videos through Facebook leading up to the release of a short movie featuring some of the most famous athletes in the world. It's not just those playing in the World Cup that are involved- Kobe Bryant and Roger Federer are also shown in the video that's taking the international soccer community by storm, which has already gained almost 9 million views in its nine days of existence.

Coca-Cola has chosen to create an interactive competition to win tickets to the tournament itself, by using YouTube as a platform for people to submit videos of themselves showing off their own hypothetical goal scoring celebrations. In the true spirit of the tournament, fans from all over the globe submitted their fun, patriotic celebrations.
Giving Props to Non-Traditional & Guerrilla Marketing Done Well Around the World

Brand: FOX series "Glee"
Idea: Flash mobs, when timed and placed correctly, can generate a lot of attention. Flash mobs all over the globe, from Seattle to Madrid to Tel Aviv to Malaysia, and many cities in between, have created some serious buzz for the new hit Fox television show, Glee. The Seattle flash mob didn't even require an agency to put it on- Glee enthusiasts organized everything and scheduled the rehearsals all online.

Young & Free Alberta
Photo courtesy of Media Life Magazine

Why it works: Glee fans have generated incredible awareness about the TV show, at literally no cost to Fox. The stunts, performed at high traffic areas, create tons of impressions, plus hundreds of thousands of views later online. Many who hadn't heard of the show, now have, and those who already have may be more inclined to actually watch. If you're interested in a similar opportunity, click here.

Brand: Kit Kat
Tag line: "Have a break, have a Kit Kat"
Agency: JWT, New Zealand
Idea: Kit Kat, a childhood favorite candy bar, took a non-traditional approach with a wild posting campaign. These "posters" were actually made of wood and came apart to be assembled as chairs. Strategically placed around outdoor events during the summer, they gave passersby a "break" for their festivities. The chairs were a huge hit, featured all over the web and even featured on national television in New Zealand.

Kit Kat Chairs
Photo courtesy of Fast Company Magazine

Why it works: Providing their audience with tangible, useful items is one of the best things a brand can do. These wooden wild postings got people to actually use the branded chairs, with thanks going to Kit Kat for providing them. Those without chairs sure wish they had one, or at least one of their candy bars to give them a break when they needed it most. Check out some other wild posting possibilities here.


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