Bow Down to Washington!


August 15th, 2008

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To create excitement and promote ticket sales, GoMobile teamed up with the University of Washington’s own Husky Football for an exclusive and shared billboard scrolling campaign.

The billboards feature breathtaking creative that allows passersby to feel as if they are face-to-face with a gnarly Husky football player ready to pounce.  To further the anticipation of the 2008 Husky football season, GoMobile’s signature scrolling mobile billboard vehicle will be blasting traditional UW fight songs, including “Bow Down to Washington”, “Victory for Washington” and UW marching band hits like the ever-popular “Tequila!”.  With the first game of the season against long-time rival Oregon rapidly approaching, die-hard Washington fans can bask in the ambiance of being at a real game in the meantime with GoMobile.

To check out the 2008 Husky Football season lineup & buy tickets, click here.

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