Rainier Ice Cools Down Seafair Crowd With Mobile Billboard Truck


August 17th, 2010

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You’ve probably heard the controversy over bottled water companies that are simply bottling tap water and charging something like a 2000% premium to consumers.

Rainier Ice is not one of those companies.

Rainier Ice is a premium all-natural Artesian water. It rises from a pure, protected aquifer fed by pristine Cascade Mountain rain and snow. No tap water, no processed spring water. A simple and rare delicacy found in few places in the world.

Needless to say, we’re believers. Rainier Ice brought us a case of water to try on our own and turns out their “It’s the Taste” tagline is unbelievably accurate – the bottles disappeared in something like 24 hours.

So, when we were asked by Rainier Ice to increase brand awareness of their product line, we knew that people had to try the water itself to experience the difference. So, we unleashed a team of Brand Ambassadors, trained on the differences between Rainier Ice Artesian water and the aforementioned glorified tap water companies, on Seattle’s huge Seafair weekend festivities. While teams handed out bottled water, our supersized 10′x22′ Great White A-Frame Mobile Billboard Truck canvassed the area to create more brand awareness and connect the launch. Throughout the day, we distributed over 1,400 bottles and made a lot of reconsider their favorite bottled water company…

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